Monday, June 15, 2009

Wilkommen in Astoria

When first in a "studio" in Astoria, I was 12 and competing (and embarassingly losing) on Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego. Fast forward 17 years, walk down two blocks (literally) and I found myself back in Astoria on Sunday at "Studio Square," a cool new beer garden that opened in May.

"My Matt" and I were there to meet "Germany Matt" and his new fiancee Tricia who live nearby and said Studio Square is a must try. They are correct! Studio Square mixes the relaxed atmosphere of a German beer garden with the urban style of New York, plus a few guidos thrown in for good measure. The garden was bustling but we were able to get 4 seats with no problem. And there were lots of bartenders so the lines were very quick. My Matt had a Radeberger, Germany Matt had a Radler and Tricia had a Hoegaarden. What did I have? HOMEMADE SANGRIA ON TAP! I was unaware that one get get Sangria out of a tap, but obviously you can. It was some of the best I've had and they add a good amount of lots of different fruit, not just a token apple chuck like you get at some places. The fries were great too!

Thanks Matt and Tricia! We had a great time and look forward to another afternoon in the beer garden in the near future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone's missing Germany! -J.

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