Sunday, May 17, 2009


Visions of tacos, tamales, pupusas, huaraches and fresh fruit juices have been dancing in my head for the last few months, so I was thrilled to head down to the Red Hook Ball Fields on Saturday night for dinner.

From May until October, vendors line Bay and Clinton Streets in Red Hook, serving Latin American food to those playing soccer and to the hoards of other people who bike, bus and drive to Red Hook for authentic and reasonably priced specialties.

I enjoyed a bean and cheese papusa with some kind of pickled cabbage plus an order of fried plantains. It was all very good!

Matt says: 'I had what I had the first time, a beef Huarache (originating in Mexico City in the 30's) off of the Martinez taco truck. It consists of a grilled flat tortilla loaded up with beef (or chicken or pork), onions, lettuce, tomatoes, a green guac type sauce, and spices. Oh, the spices! It can be tough to eat, though I found a method to kind of fold up one end and eat it like a taco. It is just so flavorful, and for $6 a great deal. Something this size in Manhattan would be twice as much and probably half as authentic. I complemented it with the freshest limeade I have ever had off of another truck that had about 10 different fresh juices. El gato negro gordo being walked on a leash completed the scene."

Ceviche from yet another truck is still on our list to try but as there was only one cup of it left and as it was the end of the day we didn't think we wanted to risk it with raw fish.

This was my second visit in as many years. Captain Carnivore and my one word of your papusas first and then head over to the huarache truck. It seems that papusas take a while to make.

I had a Vietnamese sandwich for lunch and a Salvadoran specialty for dinner... oh to live in Brooklyn:-)

Related, Matt says: "I have always wanted to try the Classic at Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwich Shop and finally had the courage to throw caution to the wind this time. A Classic has Vietnamese ham, roasted ground pork, pate, and the requisite pickled shredded carrots and cucumbers. It was very good, on par with the chicken, with the pork being the dominant flavor. Definately up for another one. We have probably been to Nicky's together more than any other place.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know Dave and Lisa have some lovely friends who have published a book about Northern Michigan eateries.
I am feeling a book coming out of this blog about GOOD EATS IN AND ABOUT NY-

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