Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream for ice cream...Argentinian ice cream or YogoMonster frozen yogurt to be exact.

Last week turned out to be an unexpectedly dessert heavy week for me. On Monday, Drew introduced me to YogoMonster in Park Slope. Springing from the Pink Berry phenomenon, YogoMonster offers non-fat frozen yogurt in tart/original yogurt flavor and a few others. Tart yogurt might sound gross but it is actually quite refreshing and pretty sweet as well. Add some strawberries and graham cracker crumbs and you have a delicious dessert!

On Friday, Matt introduced me to Cones, an Argentine hand made ice cream store on Bleecker street. I had grapefruit sorbet and he had mint chocolate chip gelato. Both were incredibly smooth. The grapefruit was such a pure flavor.

Neither YogoMonster or Cones is cheap-- $4-$5 for a small. But well worth it for a special treat:-)


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