Monday, April 27, 2009

BUKAS Bombard Chicago

I headed to the midwest this weekend for the annual Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellowship meeting. 5 of the 10 scholars from my year attended and it was incredible to see them all. They share my love of Berlin, are intellectual but don't take themselves too serious. You know it's a fun group when you can attend a lecture about systems theory in the afternoon and talk about a sausage factory at dinner:-) These meetings always provide interesting discussion and an opportunity to network with some pretty cool people. This year's special activity was an architectural boat tour of the city. Here are some photos. Fun facts learned:
1. Mrs. O'Leary's cow has been exonerated from any involvement in the Chicago fire of 1871.
2. Chicago is nicknamed the Windy City not because of gusts off the Lake but because of politicians who talked the ear off of the people deciding whether or not to give Chicago the World's Fair in 1893.

Hancock Building as seen from my hotel window

Lake Michigan. Love it!! It was strange to 1. see the lake in an urban environment and 2. not see the sun set over it as you do from Leland.

Looking East along the river. The bridges were open so sail boats could make their journey to the Lake.

Sears Tower...soon to be renamed.

I really wanted to have some deep dish and was told Gino's East is the place. Unfortunately the line was 30 minutes long and a pizza would have taken another hour to arrive at the table. So no deep dish for me on this trip. I shouldn't even give them a shout out since I didn't get in. But I did actually visit as a kid and hope that I can try it again on my next trip.

I headed to the Twin Cities to meet my new cousin Quinn. Pictures tomorrow.


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