Sunday, May 16, 2010


Alrighty, so again blogging has fallen by the way side. A volcanic ash crisis, interviewing for (and not getting) 2 promotions and some other stuff has left me pooped. So let's try this blog thing again.

A few weeks ago, I got in touch with my inner hipster on the Lower East Side. The first stop was the inaugural weekend of the Hester Street Fair. The cool part about it was that people seemed enthused to shop for everything from old bikes, pottery and jewelry to lobster rolls and gourmet shaved ice. The not cool part was how crowded it was. It reminded me of the Brooklyn flea but crammed into a space 1/3 the size with just as many people. TOO MUCH! I'll go back, but not at noon on a Saturday.

Thankfully, around the corner is Cheeky Sandwiches, aka Erin's new favorite sandwich shop in the city! Cheeky serves "N'awlins" style sandwiches, as well as beignets and Cafe DuMond coffee. Matt got an oyster poboy and I had a "grass" sandwich with roasted beets & butternut squash with crispy goat cheese on flautta bread. The other veggie option is a "Veggie muffalata" with pickled vegetables with melted swiss cheese on an olive loaf. Pineapple Big-Shot soda and Zapps Cajun dill potato chips finished off the meal quite nicely. Sandwiches aren't Super sized and were so good I wish I had ordered 2 but it was definitely enough for a fun lunch with really high quality ingredients.

Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is fun too. The little hole in the wall entrance makes you feel like you've found a hidden gem. Inside, white washed tables, a tin ceiling and mural on the wall transports you south-- a little bit backwater bayou... a little LES hipster. The bow tie, dark rimmed glasses wearing owner is a reason to visit in and of himself. He had a wonderful attitude and you could tell that he is pouring his all into the shop.

Cheeky Sandwiches on Orchard between Canal (yuck) and Hester. Try it, you won't be disappointed!!


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