Saturday, March 27, 2010

St. Joseph and Pizza

Who's the patron saint of pizza? I want to know!

It's not St. Joseph but it was St. Joseph's cakes and pizza from Delfinos that took us to Hoboken last weekend.

Let's keep the St. Joseph's part of this story short. It was a bust. Matt wanted to get St. Joseph's cakes from City Hall Bakery, aka The Cake Boss Bakery. St. Joseph's Day had been on Friday. What we didn't realize was what a scene the bakery has become because of the TLC show. When Matt lived in Hoboken it was just the neighborhood bakery. The line to even get in the front door stretched down the block and was moving slower than a multi-tiered wedding cake being transfered from the bakery to the reception hall. We tried to wait but when we realized that the free Rita's Water Ice line was actually moving, we ditched Carlo for Rita.

Thankfully our latest food mission had two parts, the second of which was a visit to Delfino's pizza for what I was promised would be some of the best Sicilian pizza ev-ah! I'm partial to round pies (unless it Buddy's) but Delfino's does do a mean Sicilian slice. What makes it do good? The crust is super light...almost like foccacia. The owner brought over our slices (complete with a sprinkling of Italian seasoning and garlic powder) as soon as they came out of the oven, which really helped with the overall flavor too. The restaurant itself is a riot. It's deep in the heart of Italian Hoboken. The Italian-American club is just down the street, as is St. Ann's church where we went for zeppole last summer. And Frank Sinatra and gangster movie pictures cover the walls.

p.s. Matt was still determined to have his St. Joseph's cakes and found them at Court Pastry Shop. OMG so good-- a piped puff pastry with custard inside. WOW!


Anonymous steph said...

Sounds like a mouth-watering adventure! Love it! :)

4:00 PM  

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