Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yoga #2 and 3

No those aren't positions, they are additional times I've tried yoga in the last couple weeks.

Last week, we had a new instructor. I could tell she was incredibly knowledgeable but Christina is referring to her as drill sargent yoga teacher. I think it she was just a funny contrast to the first week's instructor who I might call nursery school yoga teacher...which really is the course she normally teaches. There was less chanting and more attempts to do handstands!!!!!!! This was awesome with the exception of the fact that I pulled my butt. Really. I was also impressed that when I mentioned that I had pulled my hamstring the week before, the instructor was immediately able to suggest a fix (I hyper-extend my knees!?) So now I've spent the last week try to "micro-bend" my knees when I'm on the subway and use my shoulder muscles to stand up straighter.

This week's fun was foot work-- something about your inner heel connecting with the outer part of your foot by your pinky toe and the outer heel connecting with the inner part of your foot by your big toe. Not too sore this morning so that is a good thing. I don't get (technically or spiritually) some of the things we are doing, but I leave happy and the 90 minutes fly by so that's all that matters to me:-) My research for the week... the teacher referred to "The yoga" like "The French" or "The George Washington University." Guess I actually have no idea what yoga really means. Time to Google.

Christina is away for the next few week's so I've lost my cohort in crime. But I WILL motivate myself to go alone (perhaps by investing in a multi-class card.) By the time Christina returns, I will be a yoga fool!


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