Friday, July 17, 2009


It's a summer right of passage in Brooklyn-- the annual New York Philharmonic concert in Prospect Park. As the sun starts to set, couples with picnics (and lots of wine), groups of friends, Park Slope moms with strollers, old and young, hippies and people still in work attire, all gather at the baseball fields in Prospect Park for a free concert and fireworks.

Matt and I went on Wednesday night and brought our beach chairs, blanket, and a lovely picnic of cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, Scoops and Matt's famous dip. (No wine for us because I'm too scared to break the law, but seriously 90% of people around us had a bottle or two.)

At 8pm, Borough Pres Marty spoke, instruments tuned and a hush came over the audience. Matt surmised that people wouldn't quite down but I was pleasantly surprised that they did. The orchestra treated us to Mozart's Symphony No. 41, Jupiter and Beethoven Symphony No. 7.

We headed out during the encore to make sure we didn't encounter subway madness.

Some people brought citronnella candles, which we thought was very smart, though we were really fine without one.

Definitely something to put on the list again for next year.


Anonymous stephanie said...

Sounds lovely!

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