Monday, December 01, 2008

High School the Reunion

I quite reluctantly attended my 10 year high school reunion over the weekend. I missed my five year reunion because I was out of town and because I figured people wouldn't have changed that much just 5 years out of high school. But I figured the 10 year was probably something to attend...even if the end of the night conclusion was that I would never attend another reunion ever again.

So how was it? Surprisingly awesome!

Held at the Field House in downtown Philly, the class officers had rented a private room for a couple hours, with the idea that the party could continue in the main bar after our party was over if people were interested. In a great turn of events, more than 200 people attended, which meant that we could pay for a couple more hours of open bar/private party room.

Biggest surprise? A dear friend who I hadn't seen since before I left for Germany showed up all the way from South Carolina. It was great to see him! Katy and I agree he wins the award for furthest travelled just to attend the reunion.

Strangest moment? A classmate talking about her husband...AND TWO KIDS. Wow! I still don't have my own pet.

Funniest moment? Cheryl, who was working the room, came tooling by, hit me on the shoulder, said "look at you, out past 9pm," and kept on mingling. Yes, I can be remotely cool on occasion:-P

One classmate made a very accurate observation-- the girls from my class didn't seem to change much (with the exception of one mean girl who time hasn't been so kind to.) But the guys had really changed-- more grown up (sometimes grown out), older looking, etc...

Most of all, I guess I enjoyed that people who weren't BFs in high school seemed to genuinely enjoy catching up with one another. Who would have guessed that?!

I left when the room started smelling sweaty like prom...but will look forward to our 20 year reunion...which is now less than 10 years!!


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