Saturday, November 15, 2008

JG Melon

A review by Matt...

"Didn't you two go to dinner after MOMA?"

Why yes, we did! Erin didn't tell you but MOMA and then JG Melon was a surprise 'mystery date' for me. And I was informed after the museum that we were off to JG Melon.

Melon is a real local hang out, not very big, people at the bar, maybe seats for 25 inside and a few tables outside. Very popular spot that is known primarily for…cheeseburgers, and their fries, which are of the 'cottage' variety and slightly puff when cooked. Upon a 715pm arrival, we were told there was a 40 min wait. We went next door to Citarella, which is an upscale market so I could look for cheese, which I found, but the guy wouldn't cut it down for me. Don't ask.

(Erin says: we were looking for Keen's cheddar, someone's fav cheese, but a very pricey import.)

Back at Melon's our 40 min wait turned into 15 mins as we got an outside table, which was good b/c it was warm evening. The Lady had the grilled cheese with tomato. I knew this would be a tough spot for her to get something good, but she knew I would love it, and that's why I love her:).

(Erin says: He had me at "good fries"! And I am happy to help Captain Carnivore get his meat fix on the outside because last time I tried to cook him a burger in the apartment I almost set the sprinkler off!!)

Cheeseburger medium for me and the pickle chips on the burger are the best. This one was even little bigger than the last, cooked nicely, good coarseness of grind. The Mecca…Shake Shack, is out with their recipe of 50-25-25 Sirloin, Chuck, Brisket with 80-20 meat to fat ratio. JG Melon is a close second.

I remember my old boss, R.I.P, a man of considerable wealth (family founded Pillsbury) and taste to match, telling me he and his wife stopped off at Melon's 'just to get some cheeseburgers'. It is one of those egalitarian NY places that everyone goes to. I love those places. This is also Bobby Flay's favorite burger in NY. I admit it too, Bobby Flay is my man crush. I would love to go bromancing with him.

(Erin says: bromancing, oh my!)

JG Melon
1291 Third Ave @74th St.


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Erin, he loves you!!!!


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