Tuesday, November 25, 2008

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Guess I am still being bad about blogging. I'll be better after Thanksgiving. But have no fear, I still have a great post for today.

Another review from Matt...

Is a NY Pizza tour ever truly finished? Knowing that my girl is always…always in the mood for a couple slices, we headed to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn after a thrilling Alabama victory over LSU. Tide is still #1! Let me say this about Bensonhurst…probably amongst the highest concentration of gentlemen that own pinky rings in America. It is an area that, unlike the rest of NY, still has legitimate 'Goodfellas'.

L&B is known for two things, Sicilian (Square as we say here) slices and Spumoni. What is Spumoni? Good question. I thought it was some kind of fish. It's not. It's Italian molded ice cream, usually with bits of fruit and nuts. The 'Gardens' consists of three buildings with lots of outside tables. This place is huge in the summer. One building is just take out pizza, the other offers the full restaurant menu to take outside, and the last is the sit down dining room, which we opted for. Were we the only non-neighborhood Italians there? Perhaps. I think the two older gentlemen next to us are still eating. The amount of food that kept coming and coming and coming was amazing.

We opted each for a salad and two square slices, and two Pepsi's. This is important b/c our waiter was, well, out to lunch. 10 minutes after our salads arrived we still didn't have our drinks. And the salads were the size of what is a family style salad, except there was one for each of us! Finally catching his eye I got him to bring us the pizza. I thought it was too doughy.

(Erin says: I thought it was great! It is a thicker slice but the dough is just a bit sweet and is somewhat close to Buddy's...then again no one beats Buddy's)

It's real Sicilian though, with the cheese under the sauce. When I reheated the second slice the next day I thought it was 100 times better. Maybe it just wasn't hot enough. Fortunately I still had cannoli from Villabate, which is also in Bensonhurst, to sooth my concerns. I think we may head back in the Spring when it's warm, sit outside and try some more slices, and this time sample the Spumoni as well.

L&B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th Street


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