Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy and Sad

The dichotomy of my 9/11 anniversary experience was pretty extreme. On the one hand, yesterday was my 1st day of work and I couldn't help but smile at how fun and action-packed it was. But spending the day in NYC...near Ground Zero no less, was incredibly emotional. It's one thing to watch TV reports of victims' families. But it was nearly impossible to hold back tears when I saw a mother wearing a pin with a picture of her son who died on 9/11 and heard people on the subway talk about their loved ones who died on that day. I wanted to say something to the mother, but all I could manage was a friendly smile before I got choked up.

So that was day number one in New York City. Not every day will be as high and low, but I can definitely see how the city creates an intense vibe that people thrive off of. We'll see...


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