Saturday, September 09, 2006

Uptown Girl?

Scoping out work, the Upper East Side and Astoria (Queens) was my project for Friday. Work is just a quick subway ride from Penn Station. I got slightly turned around when I left the station, but I felt at home when I saw this picture. I figured my new office must not be too far away:-) Indeed it is just around the corner (along with my bank, Ann Taylor and Starbucks… what more could you ask for in life.)

From Midtown, I headed to 96th Street (Uptown) to see if that area felt right. I must admit being a bit disappointed. Apartments along and between 5th Ave, Madison and Park seemed great (what good taste I have!) Unfortunately, places on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Avenues (slightly more affordable) didn’t feel as right. I guess it was a combination of factors—smells, dirt, crowds.

I also took the subway to Astoria. At first I was unimpressed and didn’t want to get out of the train. But I wanted some Greek food for lunch; Astoria is a big Greek neighborhood, so I decided I had nothing to lose by walking around a bit. The neighborhood kind of grew on me. The restaurants along Ditmars Ave. were great and I did find a good Greek restaurant. Still, the housing probably isn’t what I need—row houses like in South Philly, versus apartment buildings or multi-family brownstones.

Today my mom and I drove back into Brooklyn Heights. It just seems very me—brownstones, low-rise apartments, cute cafes and views of the Statue of Liberty and the financial district in Manhattan. Now it is just a waiting game to find an apartment in the area…in my price range.


Anonymous Lorelei said...

Good luck finding an affordable apartment in Brooklyn Heights! (Oh no, did that sound sarcastic?) I totally understand what you mean though, it is a really cute area. Wish I was there....

2:38 PM  

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