Monday, September 29, 2008

Colbert Report

I went to a taping of the Colbert Report tonight, an experience that I can only describe as a most unfun way to watch a super funny show.

4:00 pm- leave work and head for 54th and 10th Ave
4:15 pm- stop at Starbucks for a tall nonfat hot chocolate and slice of pumpkin loaf...yum!

4:30 pm- arrive at studio. 50 people already in line in front of me. We've been told we'll go into the studio at 5:15pm
5:45 pm- line starts to move inside

6:00 pm- through security. (search is more thorough than at the airport!) Waiting area is tiny; only 2 bathrooms for over
100 people; at least there's a tv that is playing clips on the show.
6:40 pm- clips of Steven FROM 2006 are NO LONGER FUNNY. We are crammed into the waiting room like
commuters on the subway.

6:50 pm- studio doors open and people are escorted to their seats. The studio is cool...lots to look at.
The funniest prop was a head shot of Harriet Miers.
6:55 pm- warm-up comedian comes on and is funny...for the first 15 minutes. But once we were pushing 45 minutes
of stand-up I was DONE! We had been waiting so long that the fireplace DVD that plays on a tv screen
in the fireplace clicked over to a screen saver.

7:50 pm- Mr. Colbert FINALLY decides to grace us with his presence. Apparently rehersal started late, which was the
cause of the delay. But considering the fact that we'd now been waiting for a 30 minute show for almost 4 hours,
I was NOT impressed.
7:55 pm- show begins. The guest was Paul Begala and "The Word" was 'oh ye of little faith.' Funny stuff!
Stephen didn't mention the debate but did talk about the economy.

8:30 pm- show's over. You are only allowed to attend a taping once every 6 months. No problem, don't anticipate a desire to
go back ANYTIME soon.


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