Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Pretty" Mexican in Ft. Greene

My Ft. Greene culinary tour continued a couple of weekends ago at Bonita, a Mexican restaurant on DeKalb between Carlton and Clermont.

The sangria was a good start to the meal, but was not the best I’ve ever had. Guac and chips came next and did not disappoint. The pleasant surprise of the night was my main course—veggie tacos. The lime and cabbage that accompanied a mix of potatoes and other veggies reminded me of the wonderful fish tacos I tried in LA a few years ago. I normally prefer bean and cheese Mexican dishes over sautéed veggies, but this was such a unique and fresh flavor that I’m hooked! As Mexican in the city goes, Bonita is also very reasonable-- $7.50 for 2 tacos.

Better than Pequena in Ft. Greene? Hard to say. I’m still in love with Pequena’s black bean and sweet plantain quesadilla and like the restaurant’s more extensive menu. But Bonita’s veggie tacos be on my mind for a quite a while:-) Matt loved Bonita's chicken tacos so I expect we'll be back to both!

In other news, be sure to check back on Sunday for a super unbelievable story!!!


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