Monday, July 26, 2010

Taylor Triad Day One

Temps were going to be steamy but nothing was going to stop me and Katie from having an awesome time with Ellie who came to visit us over the weekend.

Stop one: Cheeky Sandwiches on the Lower East Side.

Upside- roasted beet, butternut squash and goat cheese sandwich!! Major YUM!

Downside--getting hit with some kind of stinky city ooze on our way from the subway. It was like we were slimed al a You Can't Do That on Television. Okay, maybe not that bad, but how did it hit all of our heads, both of my shoulders, one of Katie's and Ellie's forehead? We were still talking about it after lunch, which then caused us to accidentally leave the store without paying. We ran back as soon as I remembered. Our honesty was rewarded with some beignets. WE LOVE CHEEKY!

The Pickle Guys and Economy Candy were the next stops on our stroll. After picking up some half and full sours and Teaberry gum, we were heading north to be Dashing Divas.

I could say that we were all in need of a mid-summer pedicure, but really, do you need a reason to get a pedicure?! It was just good cool relaxing fun:-)

In the evening, we heading back into the city to watch Goonies, which was being shown on the flight deck of Intrepid. With pizza in hand, we climbed the 7 flights of stairs to the flight deck and got a great spot. We had a fun dinner--Hell's Kitchen Pizza makes a great Grandma slice! But unfortunately mother nature had a different idea for the movie. Dark clouds and lightning were on the march from the north. The MC was optimistic but Ellie declared that the storm was heading our way. She was correct! Once a tornado warning was issued, it was time to get off of the giant metal ship! Oh well, reason #1 that Ellie has to come back next summer:-)

The rain had stopped by the time we got back to Brooklyn. So the evening ended with some fudgesicles on the Promenade to see the city skyline.

What a fun day! On to Saturday...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great weekend for you ladies!
Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!
Sure glad you got off the ship before the storm! It was a nasty one!

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, Ellie has grown up sooo much! I feel old . . .


2:32 PM  

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