Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pizza review

I haven't posted about pizza in a while. Of course this is not because I haven't been eating anything from my 5th food group! So here's where I've been.

Motorino (Williamsburg)- After a mixed experience at Motorino in the East Village, Matt and I wanted to give the original Motorino a try. The original is definitely better than the sequel!! I enjoyed a margherita DOC with buffalo mozzarella and Matt loved the pizza with soppressata. The buffalo mozz made an important difference in the overall flavor of the pie. The sauce had a good tomato flavor and the crust was nicely charred, soft and light.

Keste Pizza and Vino (Village)- Keste has entered the packed pizza scene in a packed pizza area (Joes and Johns nearby) but has made its mark in my pizza book:-) Keste is tiny but we were there early enough that getting a table wasn't a problem. I ordered the Ortolana-- artichokes, mushrooms, fresh moz and tomatoes. Minus points for not removing the mushrooms that I asked them to. But otherwise, this was a good pie! Flavorful cheese and high marks for the sauce and crust. Matt got the Regina Margherita with grape tomatoes and loved it!.

Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint-- Another Matt pick. I absolutely love their decor!! Tables and lights are made from reclaimed items and the bar has a built in booth. Mixed review on the pizza. Matt loved it and ranks it as his top pick (after DiFara of course!) He had the King Harry, with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Prosciutto di Parma, Pecorino Romano, Olive Oil and Fresh Basil. I liked the crust-- piping hot, soft and light. But I didn't feel there was enough cheese or that the sauce had enough kick to it. Even Matt said he wanted more Prosciutto on his. I did think he did a good job with the amount of basil. And additional points to Paulie Gee himself, for working the dining room and making sure customers were happy. Location seems to be a bit tough but then again so is Midwood. Good luck Mr Gee!! (P.S. Captain Carnivore is now addicted to the Mexican Coke that you offer!)

So where do these reviews leave my top 10 list? List tomorrow.


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MMMM, I must return to NY, ASAP!


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