Friday, June 20, 2008

Palm reading

I was at a party tonight with Pimms, tea sandwiches and a palm reader. All of it was great, but the palm reader was the most interesting.

Apparently I have a good life line and a long marriage line. The marriage line means I will get married and it will last. My palm also says I am an old soul, communicative, energetic, decisive and creative (notice that my palm doesn't say I transition well!) I will also have "a couple" kids. After spouting off all these things about me, the reader asked me what I did. When I told her she said she wasn't surprised and that I should stick with it.

I was feeling pretty good about the state of things when I finished my reading but someone else told me that she was also told she was an old soul with a good life line. Bummer! But then the lady immediately behind me was told that she was going to die without having a husband so I was once again felt that maybe good things are ahead for this old soul:-)


Blogger Niki said...

I have never had my palm read! How fun. I'm betting the fortune teller was right on all accounts. ; )

7:51 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I agree! Lots of great things are in store for you! I'm sure of it!

2:13 PM  

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