Monday, November 29, 2010

Vermont Pizza

For anyone concerned that I might have been forced to forgo my 6th food group while on vacation, have no fear. Stowe has at least two pizzerias that I got to try.

Pizza #1- Pie in the Sky
Katie and I tried a red onion, feta and spinach pie. Good combo of toppings, although we get credit for that. The highlight of this pie is it's sauce. It's a bold and sweet flavor. The mozz also seemed very creamy and complimented the sauce nicely, however it was hard to give it a total yea or nay because the pizza had cooled down a bit between the village and the lodge.

Pizza #2- Piecasso
On Monday night we enjoyed a ricotta and broccoli pie. Again, props to Katie for a good topping combination. The highlight of a Piecasso pie is the crust. It was a wonderfully airy and chewy crust with a freshly baked flavor.

Pie in the Sky edges Piecasso by a nose. But all skiers should go to bed safe in the knowledge that any apres ski pizza hankerings would be completely fulfilled at either spot.


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